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Rent Bike Honda Click 125 Samui



125 cc

Сompact design

Rent Bike Honda Click 125 Samui





15 March - 19 December

  day - 150 ฿

  1 week - 1 000 ฿

  2 weeks - 2 000 ฿

month - 3 000 ฿

20 December - 14 March

day - 200 ฿

 1 week - 1 350 ฿

 2 weeks - 2 400 ฿

month - 4 000 ฿

Rent Bike Honda Click 125 Samui

Among Honda Click 125i advantages are low rental rates and compact design which save your money and parking space. This is the most popular budget motorbike in Thailand.

Renting a Honda Click 125 on Samui. General information.

What is so good about the HONDA CLICK 125 on Samui

The CLICK is a budget solution with no loss in quality. A small scooter with a good engine from its older brother Honda PCX. Bright headlights (halogen optics), combo brakes (when the front brake is applied, both wheels are braked unequally, but in the right proportion), you can hang a bag beneath the steering handle, which allows you to transport large items – it all makes this scooter a successful solution for traveling around the island.            


You can ride a HONDA CLICK 125 easily even with two people on board. You can often see heavy customers using the scooter, but it does its job perfectly well. Average fuel consumption of 3 liters per hundred kilometers greatly saves your money.

Renting a HONDA CLICK 125 on Samui. Benefits.


On a scooter, you can climb the mountain. On a scooter, you do not have to sit in traffic jams that are not uncommon on Samui. On a scooter, you will quickly reach the place you need. A scooter allows you to enjoy the smell of the sea while driving around the island. What other arguments do you need to understand all the advantages of traveling on a two-wheeled vehicle?


Do not forget about safety on the road. Helmets are mandatory. Not even because their presence on the head is regularly checked by the police, but simply because it is for own your safety. Traffic on the island is dense, the roads are not always good and local driving culture is far from exemplary. And on top of that, not all vacationers possess enough skills to ride scooters confidently.

A scooter allows you to enjoy the smell of the sea while driving on the island. What other arguments do you need to understand all the advantages of riding on it?

Renting a HONDA CLICK 125 150 on Samui. Let's sum it up...

So, the benefits of renting a HONDA CLICK 125 on Samui:

  • Freedom from traffic jams on the island.
  •  Safety
  • Save money for traveling around the island. Scooter rental is the lowest of the entire rental parke).
  • You do not need to limit yourself when traveling around the island or, for example, to the mountains (this is of great importance).
  • Trunk. In fact, it exists and it is not small for a scooter. Put there beachwear, food and go to the beach.

And the last… If there is a problem with the vehicle, or again, you have a road accident, we will help you fix it with minimal losses. We have both experience and specialists who are well versed in the nuances of the kingdom legislation.

If you have any questions, you can ask them HERE or in our group in VK


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