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Rent Bike Honda PCX 150 new Samui 1

HONDA PCX 150 new

15 April - 19 Dec

     300 ฿ - ​Day   
  1 750 ฿ - ​Week
  3 000 ฿ - ​2 Weeks 
  5 000 ฿ - ​Month

20 Dec - 14 April

     350 ฿ - ​Day  
  2 200 ฿ - ​Week
  4 000 ฿ - 2 недели
  7 000 ฿ - ​Month

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    Rent bike Honda PCX 150 new Samui

    This model was launched in 2014. In comparison with its predecessor, the bike body became more modern, with aggressive features. LED headlights do a much better job than classic ones, and white light looks more impressive. The control panel also underwent some changes and became brighter.

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    In addition, compared to the previous model, it has become more reliable and now does not break down after every heavy rain. Still, not without screw-ups. The mechanism of the trunk lock has become more flimsy and breaks at the slightest hit. 

    The trunk size remained the same, but the seat cover became waterproof. Now, after heavy rain, you do not need to run after a rag in order to wipe the seat, and you can immediately hit the road, not being afraid to get your pants wet or something.

    There is also no hump on the seat anymore, the thing, which has annoyed many, and on the new model the passenger can hold on to the rider without any limitation. There is a cigarette lighter socket in the glove compartment. You can insert a USB connector in it, they are sold on every street corner for 2 bucks, and now you do not need to worry that your iPhone keeps charge for only 3 hours.

    It is also convenient when using the navigation: a constant recharge of the gadget can even save your life – imagine yourself in a slum, surrounded by not very friendly locals, with a discharged navigator and without any understanding in which direction you need to move.

    Well, and finally, the cigarette lighter socket can be used for the purpose specified – to light a cigarette (or whatever you smoke). Just do not smoke too much, otherwise you will get lung cancer and not have time to fully enjoy all the innovations of an updated PCX 150.

    The technical characteristics of a new PCX 150 are not radically different from the previous model: the weight is 130 kg, the torque is 14 Hm (5250 rpm). The declared maximum speed of 125 km/h seems unlikely, even if it is accelerated down the hill, because at 100 km/h you are already scared of vibrations and noises.

    Still, manufacturers promise a more economical engine, but with an average fuel consumption of 3 liters per 100 kilometers, there is no any significant benefits.

    For the fans of environmentally friendly technology, besides the figures in the technical specifications that no one understands, the old model retains the Idling Stop Switch system for fuel economy. So, as with the previous model, you can be proud that your bike pollutes the air by half a percent less than that of your neighbor’s without this smart system.

    Another important innovation is warning lights! Not all big bikes have the feature, and it is available on scooters for the first time. If earlier you could mislead other participants of the traffic not turning on the turn signal when maneuvering or switching it on in a diametrically opposite direction, now the scope of activity is much wider.

    In Thailand, this signal is very popular and used when stopping to give the road to someone in front of you or at a baffling intersection when the driver does not know where to go and who give the road to whom.

    Now you can also stop in the middle of the road, turn on the warning lights, and let the rest of the traffic wonder if you want to give the road to someone, you broke down or just decided to chat on the phone.

    As the saying goes: "and let the whole world wait." Warning lights can also be used in a traffic jam. You need them to attract more attention to yourself when you rush along the oncoming traffic lane, bypassing the cars in the traffic jam. Just do not move too fast, warning lights do not cushion the fall on the paving.

    Unfortunately, the screw-ups of this model are not limited to the seat latch that is always breaking. Most of the bikes with a kilometrage of around 20 000 km. face with broken electronics. This is reflected in the fact that the bike stops accelerating when you twist the throttle grip.

    The failure is especially unpleasant when overtaking a truck on the opposite lane. You start overtaking, twist the throttle grip, your bike, kind of begins to gain speed and then bang – failure: power and speed are falling, there is a wagon to the left of you with the oncoming traffic ahead of you – not particularly pleasant feeling.

    You can have it repaired in a maintenance center for 50-100 dollars. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent this from happening. You can only hope that the problem will be eliminated in the next model.

    Strangely enough, but the introduced innovations did not essentially increase the cost of the bike. The most popular fall – on the side, with little rolling along the paving, as before, will cost unlucky riders about 50-70 dollars.

    However, the second most popular clash – frontward, due to expensive front optics, will cost much more. For only one headlight you will have to fork out about 150 dollars.

    In general, the new model is little different from the previous one. Power, handling, comfort – everything remained at the same high level. At the same time, to rent this model will cost you about 25% higher than the previous one. So if money does not burn a hole in your pocket, and there is nobody to show off before, take the predecessor safely.

    But whichever bike you choose as a means of transportation during your vacation, you should never forget about safety. If you have never ridden a bike before, or your riding skills correspond to the "as a hog on ice" level, we strongly recommend that you refrain from renting a PCX 150, and take a simpler bike, such as a Click 125.

    A new PCX 150 and that of the previous model, they both are more heavy and powerful than its younger brother. In an extreme situation, it will be much harder for a beginner to cope with them. And a hole in the budget after falling from a PCX will be much bigger. First, we recommend you to get comfortable with a Click and if you feel confident about yourself on the road, you can switch to a PCX in a week.

    And the last... If there is a problem with the vehicle, or again, you have a road accident, we will help you fix it with minimal losses. We have both experience and specialists who are well versed in the nuances of the kingdom legislation.

    A scooter allows you to enjoy the smell of the sea while driving on the island. What other arguments do you need to understand all the advantages of riding on it?

    Rent bike Honda PCX 150 new Samui. The benefits.

    And the last… If there is a problem with the vehicle, or again, you have a road accident, we will help you fix it with minimal losses. We have both experience and specialists who are well versed in the nuances of the kingdom legislation.