Car and Motorbike Rental on Koh Samui


Car & Motorbike Rental on Koh Samui

Rent Bike Honda PCX 150 Samui


15 April - 19 Dec

 ​  ​ 300 ฿ / per day
 1 750 ฿ / 1 week
 3 000 ฿ / 2 weeks
 5 000 ฿ / month

20 Dec - 14 April

     350 ฿ - ​Day  
  2 000 ฿ - ​Week
  3 600 ฿ - 2 недели
  6 500 ฿ - ​Month

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    Rent Bike Honda PCX 150  on Samui

    An obvious advantage of HONDA PCX 150 is that two can ride on it. You can often see heavy customers using the scooter, but it is doing its job perfectly well. The fuel consumption is less than 3 liters per hundred kilometers. That allows you to drive about 250 kilometers after fueling up, which will greatly help you save the family budget.

    Rent Bike Honda PCX 150 Samui Rent Bike Honda PCX 150 Samui Rent Bike Honda PCX 150 Samui

    This model has a 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 153 cubic centimeters, with two valves and a cylinder, as well as liquid cooling. Advanced technology has reduced friction, increasing engine efficiency (increase in power while reducing fuel consumption).

    The engine weight and dimensions is significantly reduced, which also contributed to the increase in power. This bike can accelerate to 100 km/h. An electronically controlled AC generator-starter with a decompressor, which ensures a smooth and exceptionally silent engine start, was used for the first time.

    The bike also has the Idling Stop Switch system for fuel economy, which is controlled by a switch located on the right side of the handlebar. The system stops the engine if it is idling for more than 3 seconds. To restart the engine, just turn the accelerator handle.

    Renting a Honda PCX 150 on Samui. Benefits.

    Due to a reliable and maneuverable chassis, the bike handles perfectly, and the shock absorbers will soften the impact of bumps. The PCX 150 has long and wide footboards that allow you to stretch your legs, which brings comfort, especially when driving for long periods of time. Unlike its younger brother, the Honda Click, the PCX 150 has large 14-inch wheels that provide stability and comfort when driving.

    Another important thing is the presence of a 25-liter trunk. Renting a Honda PCX 150 bike on Samui is beneficial to those who "take everything with themself." Good cargo space is the key to your comfort. On a scooter, you can climb the mountain. On a scooter, you do not have to sit in traffic jams that are not uncommon on Samui. On a scooter, you will quickly reach the place you need.

    A scooter allows you to enjoy the smell of the sea while driving on the island. What other arguments do you need to understand all the advantages of riding on it?

    Despite the ease of bike operation and handling, there are several points that I would like to draw your attention to. First, the bike is foolproof: it will not start with the kickstand down, and if you put it down when the bike is started, it will immediately die. It is done to prevent you from falling, because when entering the turn, the kickstand will touch the roadbed and the bike will tip over.

    The next thing: to start the bike, you need to turn the key, located on the right beneath the steering handle, to the ON position and, holding the clutch control handle – the left brake – press the starter switch. After the engine is started, you can move.

    The amplifier is electric, which makes maneuvering in the parking lot easier and improves precision when driving on the road. The wheelbase (2460 mm) extended in comparison with the previous generation provides not only additional interior capacity, but also higher ride characteristics.

    The bike is fully automatic and you do not need to change gears, just turn the right handle slightly towards yourself (this is the gas) and the bike will move. On the controls: there is a high beam switch, signal and turn indicators to the left of the speedometer.

    The control panel has a speedometer, fuel gauge, turn signal and high beam indicator. To the left of the speedometer there is a green Idling Stop Switch indicator. The indicator light illuminates when the system is on. The system is activated by the button located on the right of the steering handle. The fuel tank is located under the plastic cover between the steering handle and the seat.

    To open the cover, turn the key in the ignition switch to the OPENER position and press the top of the button labeled FUEL located to the right of the ignition switch. The same button opens the trunk: you just need to press the bottom of the button labeled SEAT. When you close the trunk, do not hit it hard against the lock, most likely, you will break it. Simply press the edge of the seat with your hand and you will hear a click: the trunk is closed.

    An ignition switch cover, kind of an anti-theft device, is available for use on the Honda PCX 150. In order to use it, you need to turn the lever located near the cover socket and the keyhole will close. To open it, you need to combine a plastic prominence around the ignition key with the cover socket and turn it. The keyhole will open. However, over time, the prominence will decrease and this process begins to cause a lot of inconvenience.

    To reduce the chances of hijacking significantly, you just have to remember to lock the steering handle. In order to do this, you need to turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and the key in the ignition switch all the way to the right. Before you move, do not forget to adjust the mirrors – it can be done with your hands.

    On the left side, beneath the steering handle, a Honda PCX 150 has a glove compartment for small items. It is convenient for keeping cigarettes or a sunblock. The windshield, although small, but provides great protection against wind and dust.

    Renting a HONDA PCX 150 on Samui. Let's sum it up...

    Renting a HONDA PCX 150 on Samui is a good deal if you need:

    And the last… If there is a problem with the vehicle, or again, you have a road accident, we will help you fix it with minimal losses. We have both experience and specialists who are well versed in the nuances of the kingdom legislation.